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K thru N "Alpaca" Terms

KEMP: Guard hair or medulated fiber.

LAMA: Scientific name for the genus containing llamas, alpacas, guanacos, and vicunas; vicunas are sometimes separated into their own genus.

LINE: A group of related animals within a breed.

LINEBREEDING: The mating of individuals within a particular line. A mating system designed to maintain a substantial degree of relationship to a highly regarded ancestor or group of ancestors without causing high levels of inbreeding.

LINECROSSING: The mating of sires of one line or line combination to dams of another line or line combination.

MACHO: Male alpaca used in a breeding program.

MAJOR GENE: A gene that has a readily discernible effect on a trait.

MATERNAL HYBRID VIGOR: Hybrid vigor for the maternal component of a trait.

MATERNAL TRAIT: A trait especially important in breeding females. Examples include fertility, freedom from dystocia, milk production, maintenance efficiency, and mothering ability.

MATING: The process that determines which (selected) males are bred to which (selected) females.

MATING SYSTEM: A set of rules for mating.

MEAN: An arithmetic average.

MEDULLA: The hollow core found in coarse guard hair or kemp fibers, often found in the chest and underbelly portions of the fleece.

MEDULLATION: The degree to which a fleece contains medullated hair.

MELANIN: Pigment in skin which determines skin and coat color. Melanin is found in two chemically different forms: eumelanin (which produces brown and black) and phaeomelanin (which produces yellow and red).

MERIT: A praiseworthy quality.

MIGRATION: The movement of individuals into or out of a population.

MULTICOLOR: An animal that incorporates more than one color in its coat.

MULTI-GENES: Genes that affect multicoloration in alpacas.

MULTIPLE-SIRE PASTURE: A breeding pasture (or pen) containing more than one sire at a time.

MULTIPLE-TRAIT SELECTION: Selection for more than one trait.

NATURAL SELECTION: Selection that occurs in nature independent of deliberate human control.

NATURAL SERVICE: Natural mating (as opposed to artificial insemination).

NEGATIVE ASSORTATIVE MATING: The mating of dissimilar individuals.

NON-RANDOM MATING: Any mating system in which males are not randomly assigned to females.

NORMAL DISTRIBUTION: The statistical distribution that appears graphically as a symmetric, bell-shaped curve. In animal breeding, the values along the horizontal axis represent the levels of performance, breeding value, etc., that are being examined in a population; the height of the curve at any point represents the relative frequency of that value in the population.

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