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The Invincible Nathanial breeding
The Invincible Nathanial breeding
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We are very proud to offer Nathaniel, an almost (15/16's) Full Peruvian herdsire out of Invincible and Snowmass Highland Bell. He has 3 outstanding crias on the ground, 2 females and 1 male. The OFDA 2000 Fiber Report on him from his 2007 shearing is phenomenal. He has 3 crimps/cm and grows an average of 0.38 mm of fleece per day. His relaxed fiber length is 120 mm and stretched to 136. Fiber diameter is 20.8, SD 4.3, CV 20.8 and CF of 97.3. He has also done very well in the showring and we expect his crias to do the same. His sire, Invincible, is no longer offered for outside breedings and Nathaniel is one of his first offspring available for breedings. He shears over 5 lbs of prime blanket fleece per year. You can't get much better then Nathaniel when it comes to bloodlines! When it comes to white males, he is the TOTAL package!
Thank You and CONGRATULATIONS to Gordon and Julie Crawford, Cross Cannons Alpacas, who purchased 1/2 interest in Nathaniel!
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